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The Rolla Public Library Board of Trustees meets monthly at 4 p.m. on the third Thursday of the month. For information about upcoming board or committee meetings, please contact the Rolla Public Library.

The RPL Board of Trustees is made up of 9 volunteers. As authorized by state statute, the Rolla Library District has nine members appointed by the mayor, and these trustees can serve up to three, three-year terms. The RPL Board serves as the governing body and makes all library system policy and budget decisions.

Library Board Meeting Agendas

Library Board Meeting Minutes

3rd Thursday of each month 4:00 p.m.
(3 Consecutive Terms – 3 Years)
Board Members Terms Served Term Ends

Email Address

Kristi Fleischhauer 1st term May 2025  
John Denbo 2nd term May 2023  
Becky Roberts 1st term February 2026  
Brenda Linkeman 2nd term February 2025  
Robert Haselwander 1st term May 2026  
Rachel J. White 2nd term May 2025  
Julie Peterman 1st term May 2026  
Amy Koenig 3rd term May 2023


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