Writers Club

Fourth Friday of Every Month
from 5:00-6:00PM

Are you ready to create the writer’s life? Do you have ideas, passions, or beliefs to share through fiction, nonfiction, or poetry?

The best way to BE a writer is to write. But that’s easier said than done, right?

Maybe you struggle with:

  • Setting realistic and productive writing goals.
  • Beating writer’s block.
  • Building community around your writing pursuits.

Rolla Writers Club is a group of creatives who turn brilliant ideas into finished writing. We welcome writers with a diverse range of interests and goals. Current registrants are:

  • Writing blog articles and website copy.
  • Writing personal journals.
  • Writing science fiction novels.
  • Writing poetry.
  • Writing memoirs.
  • Writing how-to and self-help books.

If you want to be a productive writer, this is your community!

Meetings are the first Thursday of every month at the Rolla Public Library. Each meeting is an hour. Every meeting will include:

  • A “Stronger Author” presentation. Derek Zboran, a published author, will teach a specific action step that can help you create success as a writer.
  • A “Published Pro Author” discussion. A writer will join us for a discussion of their unique writer’s journey.
  • Open discussion time. A time for anyone in attendance to make comments, share insights, or ask specific questions.
  • A chance to share writing wins. A chance for writers to support each other by celebrating their successes.

Things we are NOT:

  • This is NOT a writing critique group. We do not do public readings or exchange drafts for critiques. However, you can branch off and create smaller writing critique groups with people you meet in the Rolla Writers Club.
  • This is NOT a judgmental group. We love our poets as much as our philosophers; our science fiction novelists and self-help authors alike. We’re at different stages of growth, pursuing different goals, and engaging different audiences. Educational topics and discussions will reflect this diversity.
  • This is NOT a place where we have “the correct way” to start or finish your writing project. But we are a place for resources that real writers use to create tangible successes in their creative journeys.

If you are ready to meet other writers and begin building more success, register now and reserve a spot while space remains! Call the Rolla Public Library at 573-364-2604 and leave your name, phone number, and what you are interested in writing. Or, you can email dzboran@rollapubliclibrary.org and we’ll get you set-up.

(Recommended Age: Adults)

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