(during JUNE AND JULY)
-TUESDAYS 11am-12pm FOR LITTLES (0-6)
-Tuesdays 2pm-3pm FOR MIDDLES (7-11)

The Rolla Public Library offers many different Storytimes throughout the week beginning in September and continuing through mid-May. We also offer a Summer Reading Program each year beginning at the end of May and lasting 10 weeks (typically the end of July / beginning of August). 

Every Thursday at
10am and 5:30PM

(Recommended Age: All Ages)

Guest Community Storytellers:

“”Groundhog’s Day Off” by Rob Pearlman

“The Hallo-Wiener” by Dav Pilkey:

“Martha! Big and Small” by Jen Arena:

For more Story Times check out our YouTube channel here:


What can parents and care givers expect from Storytime?

Storytime programs introduce young children to books, rhymes, music and other fun activities. Every week the library offers programs matched to the typical attention spans and developmental levels of different ages of children. Library Storytimes incorporate the early literacy skills that children must master before they can learn to read.  These are:  

  • phonological awareness
  • vocabulary
  • print motivation
  • narrative skills
  • print awareness
  • letter knowledge

Family Storytimes are designed to include the whole family, including school-aged children, and may include films and/or crafts.

What is the role of adults at Storytime?
An adult bringing a child to Storytime is expected to stay with that child during all Storytime sessions. Parents and care givers can learn by watching library staff demonstrate good read-aloud skills and by being aware of the age-appropriate books, music, songs and activities staff use during Storytime.

How can a parent or care giver find a convenient Storytime?
Please check the calendar to find a Storytime appropriate for your child and convenient to your family. Space at Storytimes may be limited. Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis unless otherwise indicated on the calendar listing.

How can a parent or care giver make the most of Storytime?

  • By coming to Storytime on a regular basis.
  • By arriving a few minutes early.
  • By paying attention to the stories and activities throughout Storytime.
  • By participating when encouraged to do so.
  • By not bringing food or toys to the Storytime.
  • By letting each child choose books and by checking them out to share at home.
  • By asking library staff for help in choosing age-appropriate books and music.
  • By taking an upset child out of the program area until he or she calms down.
  • By talking with your child about the stories after Storytime.
  • By repeating the Storytime rhymes and songs at home with your child.

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