Patron Comment Form

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Patron Comment Form

  • Please complete this form if you are a resident of the library district and/or a member of the library and wish to address the Board of Trustees during the time allocated for Public Comments at the Board of Trustees meeting. Completed forms should be submitted either online or in person to the Library Director at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the Board meeting.
    The Rolla Public Library Board of Trustees meets at 4:00 p.m. on the third Thursday of the month. The public is invited to attend all meetings of the Rolla Public Library Board of Trustees except those designated as closed sessions. Meetings will be listed on the library website’s calendar of events and the agenda will be posted on exterior library doors at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance.

  • Individuals appearing before the Board will be limited to three (3) minutes’ speaking time and may not transfer time to other individuals. Comments which are off topic, repetitious, derogatory of persons, or which include language or behavior that is unlawful will be ruled “out of order”. A maximum of thirty (30) minutes may be allowed for this part of the agenda. The Board of Trustees does not generally respond to public comments during the course of the meeting. Please refer to the Library’s Open Meetings policy. Please note that this form, including your name, address and comments, is considered public record and would have to be disclosed if requested under the Missouri Sunshine Law.

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